JIWANKO SAATHIHARU: Jeremy Saxe Foundation for Education and Development, Inc. has been founded in memory of Jeremy Saxe who died suddenly in his sleep on September 4, 2008.

     Jeremy had recently returned from four months in Nepal and an internship in Washington, D.C. Jeremy was attending his senior year as a philosophy major at Lafayette College where he maintained a 3.84 overall GPA. Jeremy was in the process of applying for a post-graduate Fulbright Scholarship to continue his studies in Nepal.

     Jeremy was profoundly moved by his experiences in Nepal. He was very distressed about the poor educational opportunities of the Nepali children and was particularly torn up about the school that his homestay "sister," Manisha, attended in Pharping, Nepal. It disturbed Jeremy that she would never reach her goal of becoming a nurse if her formative education continued to consist of a minimal curriculum which at best taught rote memorization of facts for tests.

     Jeremy is known to his Nepali homestay family by his Nepali name, Jiwan, which means “Life”. Jiwan wanted the children of Pharping, including Manisha, and brother, Ashish, to receive a proper education. The foundation intends to fulfill Jiwan’s mission by providing educational opportunities for these children by creating a better Nepali school.

     The foundation also intends to honor Jeremy’s memory by awarding educational scholarships to under-privileged children and by working to bring children from under-developed countries to the United States in order to pursue educational opportunities.

     Jiwanko Saathiharu means “Friends of Jeremy” in Nepali. By working together, we can all be Friends of Jeremy and make a difference in the lives of many children in need.

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